Koryo Cable Myanmar

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Last week, we had a great time with Padauk and Sagaing Division (19.05.28-30).

We had a presentation for Koryocable company and Factory touring. Also we had a few tests for ACSR/AW-OC 95SQ such as Elongation Test, Insulation Thickness Test, Tensile Test, Voltage Test. After that, we had a great dinner and went for sightseeing famous places in Daegu City.

We hope to be the same page for the future partnership with Padauk and Sagaing Division.

We believe they enjoyed visiting our company and hope to meet good result for our relationship.

Also, we had a scholarship ceremony on the 28th.

Our company donated $1,000 to Prof. Gi-Young Park, a professor at Daegu Catholic University Medical Center.

Our company has an interest in not only making a profit in Myanmar market but also Myanmar’s overall economic growth.

It’s a small sum, but we hope it will help Myanmar’s medical industry at all, and that we can grow together to create these opportunities more often.