Koryo Cable Myanmar

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Quality Management

Quality Management

Quality Management

Management policy / Vision

Company directive

  1. Do work in one united body
  2. Do complete the task
  3. Do research and develop

Management policy

  1. On-site management
  2. Goal-based management
  3. Global management

Quality policy

  1. Customer satifaction
  2. Productive maintenance
  3. Productivity improvement

Quality management policy

The company is an expert manufacturer of power cables, and defines its quality policies and targets as follows

Customer Satisfaction

Productive maintenance

Productivity improvement

Quality objectives

  • Satisfaction of quality assurance requirement for customers
  • Ensuring stability and reliability of products

The company defines the quality policy and established the quality system based on ISO 9001 (2000)/KSA (2000) for the purpose of guaranteeing correct execution of the quality policies. Organizations and their members giving effects on quality shall perform their best endeavors into understanding and performing the quality policies. The company provides them with education and training courses for the same

Jung, Yong-Ho, CEO, Koryo Cable Co., Ltd.